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Autofaucet#1different types1 Minute yesno
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Bitcoin (bitcoin, BTC) is an electronic currency that can be used for payments on the Internet. The name comes from the words bit-a unit of measurement of information and coin-a coin. It is known for being the world’s first cryptocurrency-it is issued and operates in a computer network distributed throughout the Internet based on complex mathematical algorithms and cryptography. In fact, bitcoin is a program installed on millions of computers around the world, with the following functions:

storing information about the balance on the wallets of all users;
transfer of cryptocurrency between users;
reward users for maintaining the network in working condition.

The main difference between cryptocurrencies, including bitcoin, from all currently existing currencies is decentralization: bitcoin has neither a controlling organization nor any central server. We are used to the fact that the money in our wallet is issued by the Central Bank of the country and has a real value, because it is backed by gold and foreign exchange reserves. But what is Bitcoin backed up by? Is it not “candy wrappers” or even a global financial pyramid?

Bitcoin as a cryptocurrency is not backed by anything other than trust in it. Nevertheless, it has a real value — because many people are willing to buy it for real money or accept it as payment for real goods and services.

In addition, a large amount of electricity is spent on maintaining the bitcoin network around the world (even Argentina does not need that much), and billions of dollars have been spent on equipment. So there is a certain cost of cryptocurrency mining, it is above zero.

In the post-Soviet countries, bitcoin is still far from an everyday means of payment, but at least it will not be a problem to exchange it for a regular currency. In general, since the creation of bitcoin, the number of transactions with its participation has been growing all over the world until 2018:

The number of Bitcoin transactions

This is not only due to the explosive growth of the popularity of the cryptocurrency. The total number of bitcoins in the network is growing every day, this is due to users who support the crypto network at the expense of their computer capacities — they receive a reward in bitcoins, this process is called mining. To protect against endless inflation, every 4 years, the reward for mining is reduced by 2 times, and the last bitcoin will be “mined” in 2140. The total number of cryptocurrencies will reach 21 million BTC (today about 19 million).

Today, depending on the price of bitcoin, the daily turnover reaches several billion dollars, and the total capitalization of a trillion dollars is a number comparable to the capitalization of IT giants Apple, Google, Microsoft. I think it is now obvious that today we are talking not just about a new-fangled technology, but nothing less — about a revolutionary digital economy.

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