Hello dear beginners and real monsters of the crypto world. All of us were brought here by the desire to plunge into the world of cryptocurrencies and cryptomonets. For someone it is a hobby, for someone it is a way to earn money.
This site will contain a list of faucets that pay. Accumulative and instant faucets will be assembled separately.
I’ll start with a review FaucetPay

All faucets will be selected manually and therefore the list will be replenished gradually. If you find out that some faucet has stopped paying or is paying less than indicated, please tell us.

I hope that our cooperation will be mutually beneficial and mutually beneficial.

In the future, we plan to add a list of taps on ExpressCrypto and other most popular micro-wallets to the list.
May he who walks master the road.
Good luck and success in our thorny path!!!

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