I started making money on faucets back in 2014. But then I didn’t believe enough in the topic of cryptocurrencies.
I had a pause of several years and I came back again.
I earned money by passing short links and just watching ads.
Yes, I was helped by adblockers and antiviruses and anti-miners. Otherwise, the path would be unbearable.
So I decided to make my faucets with short links and a minimum of banners.
Evaluate what happened.
Good earnings!!!

GET 1200000 sat TRX 1200000 sat TRX 1 Minute yes no
GET 1500000 sat TRX 1500000 sat TRX 1 Minute yesno
GET 700 sat LTC700 sat LTC1 Minuteyesno
GET 200 sat BCH200 sat BCH1 Minuteyesno
GET 700 sat DASH700 sat DASH1 Minuteyesno

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