DutchyCorp Great auto faucet different types 1-10 Minute yes no
FlyCripto NEWdifferent types 1 Minute yesno
FeySpacedifferent types1 Minuteyesno
Autofaucet#1different types1 Minuteyesno
Autofaucet#2different types1 Minuteyesno
Autofaucet#3different types1 Minuteyesno
CoinPayZdifferent types1 Minuteyesno
DogeMatedifferent types1 Minuteyesno
FreeBinancedifferent types1 Minuteyesno


BNBTruno250-3501 minuteyesYES
NoTimer BNB150-3000 minuteyesYes
MsBits BnB120-1303 minutenoYeS
Konstantinova BNB~120+120 Bnb5 Minute optionalyno
ARuble BNB~120 Bnb+3305 Minute optionalyno
Diamond~120 BNB5 Minutenono
FreeBnB125 BNB7 Minutenono
BepFaucet100-1105 Minutenono
ClaimFreeCoins BNB855 minutenono
Keran24060 Minutenono
BagiBnB24060 Minutenono
BinanceFaucet80-901 minutenono
FreeBNBManual50-601 minutenono
LotikonBNB1055 minutenono
Up300Bnb+220SLup to30010 minuteoptionalyno
CriptoForu2601 minuteyesno
100-220Bnb50-110+1005 minuteoptionalyno

Today we will talk about the digital asset bnb cryptocurrency. The coin occupies the 7th place in the coinmarketcap rating, and although many other trading crypto platforms have started issuing their own tokens after binance, no one has managed to repeat the success of binance coin. The bnb cryptocurrency is one of the most interesting and unique coins currently available, and many leading crypto experts believe that it has a positive future. But neither the token nor the Binance exchange itself could have been, if its founder did not find the strength to overcome the black band a few years ago.

Imagine such a situation, you sold real estate and invested all the money in shares of a promising project, hoping for a good income, and they, literally a week later, fell in price three times. Sad, isn’t it? Many, probably, rushed to get rid of valuable booms in order to save at least the rest of the money and then dragged out a beggarly existence for the rest of their lives, cursing the day and hour when they decided to take such a rash step. But the Chinese IT specialist Changpeng Zhao, having got into such a mess, did not give up and did not panic.

When he became interested in the Bitcoin cryptocurrency in 2014, he immediately realized that digital gold would make him a millionaire. And then he sold his house and exchanged fiat money for BTC, which at that time were trading at about $ 600 per coin. At the end of the year, bitcoin fell to $ 350, and at the end of January 2015, in general, it fell to$215. Just a disaster for a poor Chinese investor, but Changpeng Zhao kept his presence of mind and did not get rid of digital assets. What happened next, you have already guessed for yourself, he became obscenely rich. In 2017, a new multi-billionaire received the attention of Forbes magazine, and decided to launch an exchange for trading digital currencies, called Binance. This service has become not just another centralized exchanger.

Binance is a whole crypto empire, in which, in addition to the traditional spot market, it provides many other services.

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