DutchyCorp Great auto faucet different types 1-10 Minute yes no
FeySpacedifferent types 1 Minute yesno
Autofaucet#1different types1 Minuteyesno
Autofaucet#2different types1 Minuteyesno
Autofaucet#3different types1 Minuteyesno
CoinPayZdifferent types1 Minuteyesno
DogeMatedifferent types1 Minuteyesno


ZCash Truno750-15001 minuteyesYES
Loticon Zecupto 6005 minutenoYes
MsBits ZCash380-3903 minutenoYeS
Konstantinova ZCash360+360 5 Minute optionalyno
Diamond ZCash3505 Minute nono
ClaimFreeCoins ZCashupto 10005 Minutenono
MozZcash4075 Minutenono
Aruble360-4075 Minuteoptionalno
Keran70060 Minutenono
Bagi70060 Minutenono
Zcash faucet220-2501 minutenono
FaucetBit3855 minutenono
Lotikon3005 minutenono
ClaimProcoin1751 minutenono

Confidentiality is a guarantee of personal freedom and security when making online payments. The first cryptocurrency Bitcoin, despite all its uniqueness, is pseudo-anonymous. The BTC blockchain ecosystem is absolutely transparent and anyone can open a web browser and see the balance of any address and the number of completed transactions. Of course, passport data is not published in the distributed registry, and no one will require it from you when creating a personal bitcoin wallet.

The identity of the wallet owner is unknown to the network administration and the wallet developers, but it is impossible to hide the rest of the information. Having determined the IP address, you can try to establish the identity of the holder of cryptomonets. This situation did not suit many, and blockchain engineers developed the first truly anonymous payment network zcash. What kind of cryptocurrency it is and how it guarantees the privacy of transactions, we will tell you now. So, let me introduce ZEC, a cryptocurrency that Edward Snowden and Wikileaks employees called the most interesting altcoin.

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