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LTC creator Charlie Lee once worked at Google for almost a decade and even participated in the development of the Chrome browser. He wrote the code of the litecoin cryptocurrency (which is a fork of bitcoin) in his spare time and first published it on the Bitcointalk forum in October 2011.

Charlie Lee did not set a task to compete with bitcoin. He even said that LTC compared to BTC is like silver compared to gold, meaning that litecoin is a simpler and more convenient alternative for everyday transactions.

In 2013-2017 Lee worked at CoinBase, including as a director of development. For Litecoin, it was a period of stagnation: there were almost no major technological updates.

Finally, at the end of 2017, Lee returned to full-time work on the project: he founded the Litecoin Foundation and to this day holds the position of its director and main donor (the Litecoin Foundation exists on donations). By the way, Lee sold almost all of his LTC a long time ago.

In the coming months, Litecoin is waiting for the most important upgrade under the funny name MimbleWimble (the so-called spell in “Harry Potter”). It will give users the opportunity to increase the privacy of transactions: in particular, when activating this function, the recipient will not be able to find out how much LTC is on the sender’s address.

Charlie Lee emphasizes that MimbleWimble will not make litecoin an anonymous coin like Monero, since each participant will decide for himself whether to hide their transactions or not. This means that LTC does not risk being excluded from crypto exchanges as a result of regulatory claims, as happened with many anonymous cryptocurrencies.

So far, the MimbleWimble open audit period is taking place. If the community approves and the implementation is successful, the coin’s positions can be further strengthened.

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