DutchyCorp Great auto faucet different types1-10 Minute yes no
FeySpace different types 1 Minute yesno
Autofaucet#1different types1 Minuteyesno
Autofaucet#2different types1 Minuteyesno
Autofaucet#3different types1 Minuteyesno
CoinPayZdifferent types1 Minuteyesno
DogeMatedifferent types1 Minuteyesno
FireFaucetdifferent types1 Minuteyesno


Doge2Pay0.0005+0.000455 minuteoptionalyYes
Gana Doge0.002+0.0055 minuteoptionallyYES
Facetium faucet0.0021 minuteyesYes
MsBits Doge0.0017-0.00193 minutenoYeS
WoW Doge0.005+0.0025 minuteoptionalyYEs
FreeDoge0.00530 minutesyesYes
DogeToMoney0.00481 minuteyesYes
TokenWin Doge0.00765 minuteyesYes
CoinDoog0.00475 Minute yesno
DigiTask + auto0.00191 Minutenono
Konstantinova Doge0.0019+0.00195 Minuteoptionaly no
Instant Doge0.00215 Minutenono
Moz Doge0.00215 minutenono
Diamond Doge0.00185 minutenono
ClaimsClicks Doge0.00145 minutenono
Keran Doge0.003560 minutenono
Bagi Doge0.003560 minutenono
Aruble Doge0.0019-0.00215 minutenono
Defitoshi Doge0.0012 minutenono
ShorteAll Doge0.00230 minuteyesno
FreeClaimFaucet Doge0.00115 minutenono
BitClaim Doge0.00145 minutenono
ClaimX Doge0.002+0.0012 minuteoptionalyno
Faucet Doge0.001930 minutenono
DogeAtm Doge0.0047-0.014260 minuteyesno
BigBang faucet0.0018-0.0062+70%6 minuteyesno
Kingfaucet Doge0.001+150%5 minuteoptionallyno
ALotOfCoin Doge0.00330 minuteyesno

The Dogecoin cryptocurrency was created back in 2013 by two programmers-Jackson Palmer and Billy Marcus. At the very beginning, the developers were not even familiar with each other, each of them tried to do their own thing. However, at that time they were both interested in cryptocurrencies and the new Blockchain technology.

After Palmer acquired the official domain of the DogeCoin website — the developers joined together and decided to create their own Blockchain project. However, Palmer and Marcus decided not to take this idea too seriously, considering this idea just some kind of joke. As proof of this, we can cite the fact that the main logo of this coin is a meme, a dog of the Japanese Shiba Inu breed, which was so popular at that time.

The project began to be implemented quite quickly. In 2013, Markus was already engaged in creating his own cryptocurrency, so the beginning of the creation of the coin was already laid in advance. The developers took the Litecoin cryptocurrency Blockchain as the basis of the DOGE currency, making changes in the time between blocks, which is 1 minute (in the Litecoin network from 2.5 minutes), as well as during the reassignment of complexity.
As a result, by slightly tweaking the Litecoin code, the developers created a completely new digital asset with its own unique Blockchain.

On December 9, 2013, the DogeCoin coin was able to grow in price for the first time, jumping up by almost 300 percent in just three days — from 0.00026 to 0.00095 US dollars. This event occurred primarily for the reason that the main cryptocurrency Bitcoin and all other digital assets opposed China’s decision to ban national banks from investing their funds in various digital assets and Blockchain projects.

But despite this growth of DogeCoin and its first entry into the masses, after that, quite difficult periods began for this coin, which constantly undermined the credibility of DOGE.

So, after the growth of 300 %, the price of this asset decreased by 80% in a few days, and all because miners captured this network, receiving huge rewards in the form of Doge coins for relatively small computing capabilities.

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