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Ethereum occupies a worthy place among other cryptocurrencies, it can be called without exaggeration the main competitor of bitcoin and one of the most promising digital currencies. What are the features of this cryptocurrency, and what are its advantages, as well as where to get Ethereum, the price of which has recently shown stable growth, will be discussed in our article today.
Cryptocurrency “Ethereum”: what is that?

The basis of the cryptocurrency, which has become the topic of our conversation, is a blockchain technology that contains detailed information about a monetary transaction. It allows you to fix transactions of various types without involving classical legal procedures. Due to complete anonymity and a high level of information protection, the blockchain-type technology has been called a “smart contract”.

On the international market, “Ether” is designated as ETH, under this abbreviation, trading is carried out on exchange markets and in exchange offices. It is not only a cryptocurrency, but also a decentralized functional environment that has changed the IT space. Already, various IT-industry projects are functioning on its basis, including applications that are popular among users. There is a high demand for “Ether” as a payment instrument, and recently people prefer it, and not bitcoin, because of the slow development of the latter.
A few words about the history of the currency

The incentive to create “Ether” was the desire to improve bitcoin. For the first time, a Canadian programmer of Russian origin, V. Buterin, spoke about the new cryptocurrency, he is the main ideologist and founder of this currency. In 2013, Vitaly came up with the idea to create a digital platform that can become, firstly, a financial system that is not controlled by the authorities, and secondly, a convenient tool for exchanging services and intellectual capital.

This tool should be available to people who are located in different parts of the world, but have access to the World Wide Web. And since bitcoin ignored Buterin’s ideas, he decided to create his own high-tech blockchain that uses smart contracts in the process of making transactions. This is how Ethereum classic appeared.

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