Cryptocurrencies from the spheres of DeFi and NFT showed a yield of thousands of percent. Experts told which topic in the future can gain popularity and bring high income

According to a recent study by the analytical platform DappRadar, over the past year, the volume of blocked funds in DeFi projects has increased by 936%, exceeding $114 billion. This is the money that investors invest in DeFi projects to ensure liquidity.

Against the background of a sharp increase in the popularity of the sphere of decentralized finance, many DeFi tokens have shown an increase in value by thousands of percent. For example, in May, the YFI token set a historical maximum at around $95 thousand. At the same time, the altcoin was released in the summer of 2020 at a price of about $ 32. In less than a year, it has risen in price by 296,775%.

A similar story is observed in the NFT market. This year, non-interchangeable tokens have gained popularity. Even the State Hermitage Museum has sold its own NFT paintings worth over 32 million rubles. The fast food chain Burger King announced the NFT raffle campaign, and the TikTok social network will also issue its own non-interchangeable tokens.

One of the most popular topics in the field of NFT is the GameFi blockchain game. The token of one of the largest Axie Infinity games on October 4 updated the historical maximum at $135.96. At the same time, back in November last year, the altcoin was trading at $ 0.14. In 11 months, it has risen by 97,028%.

The remaining tokens of the gaming sphere also have a high growth potential, the senior analyst believes Nikita Zuborev. While the current trend is not over, Zuborev recommended paying attention to the top twenty GameFi tokens by capitalization and purchasing the most undervalued of them.

The whole essence of the HYIP markets, namely NFT, is the unpredictability of ups and downs, said Dmitry Machikhin, CEO of the Pressman Capital investment fund. In the near future, he expects the growth of native tokens of crypto exchanges due to increasing trading volumes. The expert also advised to pay attention to “underperformers”, coins that have not shown significant growth so far, such as EOS or QuarkChain.

Metaverses may well become one of the future trends of the cryptocurrency world, added Valeria Minaeva, a business development and communications specialist at 1inch Network. According to her, one of the drivers of this process will be the gaming industry.

“Projects such as Fortnite, PUBG or Overwatch will soon have to evolve into something more than the usual multiplayer games for various platforms. The first NFT games, like CryptoKitties, were originally invented in order to involve users in the gameplay as much as possible, emphasizing the importance of their actions and the ability to influence the irreversible development of characters,” Minaeva explained.

Meme tokens can also get a new impetus, Zuborev believes. In particular, projects with “dog” names are now subject to growth again. During the week, the Shiba Inu token and Dogelon Mars rose in price by 300%.

An interesting trend today is diminutive names like Baby Shiba Inu or FlokiFrunkPuppy, the senior analyst noted . He added that in search of high profitability, you can monitor the appearance of such “puppy-meme” projects and become an early investor in most of them.

Another area that can manifest itself extremely positively is fan tokens, Zuborev believes. According to him, with the return of the dominance of “bulls” in the cryptocurrency market, we can expect an early reaction in the market of fans of sports clubs.

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