The new structure of the regulator will fight cybercriminals and services that help them illegally obtain digital assets

The US Department of Justice will create a “cryptocurrency enforcement group,” Reuters reports, citing Deputy Attorney General Lisa Monaco. According to her, the group will include experts in the field of cybersecurity and anti-money laundering.

“Cryptocurrency exchanges want to become the banks of the future, so we must be sure that people can trust the systems used, and we must be ready to stop abuse. The point is to protect consumers,” Monaco explained.

Cyber extortionists usually use various services to work with cryptocurrencies, the deputy Prosecutor General noted. She explained that many companies hide such facts instead of reporting them to law enforcement agencies, but now this will change.

At the end of September, hackers from the BlackMatter group demanded a $5.9 million ransom in cryptocurrency from the American farming company New Cooperative from Iowa. The attackers carried out an attack on the organization’s network, encrypting more than 1 TB of the company’s internal files.

In May, hackers broke into the internal network of the Colonial Pipeline company. Because of the attack, she was forced to stop the supply of fuel to several densely populated American states. As a result, Colonial Pipeline paid hackers about $5 million in bitcoins to restore access to the network.

In June, it became known that part of the amount stolen from the Colonial Pipeline was returned. FBI Deputy Director Paul Abbott said that law enforcement agencies seized 63.7 bitcoins ($2.3 million) that had previously been sent to the wallet of the DarkSide hacker group.

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