During the day, the first cryptocurrency rose in price by 10%, and its capitalization exceeded $ 1 trillion

The price of bitcoin on the Binance crypto exchange rose above $55.5 thousand. Over the past day, the first cryptocurrency has risen in price by 10%, and its capitalization has exceeded $ 1 trillion. The growth for the week was 36%.

The price of the cryptocurrency is moving towards a historical maximum of $64.8 thousand, set on April 14. After that, the value of the asset fell several times to $ 30 thousand, then began to recover.

In early September, bitcoin was trading above $52.9 thousand when the law on the recognition of the first cryptocurrency as a means of payment came into force in El Salvador. On the same day, the government of El Salvador bought 400 bitcoins. Later, the country’s authorities bought another 300 bitcoins.

On October 6, Soros Fund Management CEO Dawn Fitzpatrick confirmed that the George Soros Foundation owns bitcoins. According to her, the fund invested a small amount in the first cryptocurrency.

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