On September 8, the attacker transferred 5,15 thousand rubles to the developers of the DeFi protocol. Ethereum, which is 97% of the stolen amount

The hacker who hacked the Cream Finance DeFi protocol transferred 5,15 thousand rubles to the creators of the project. Ethereum ($17.5 million at the exchange rate at 18: 25 Moscow time on September 8). This was reported by the analytical company PeckShield. Cream Finance was hacked on August 30. The attacker managed to withdraw about $18 million from the protocol addresses.

On September 1, the protocol developers announced that they would compensate for the damage suffered by users. The founders of Cream Finance claimed that they would allocate 20% of the collected transaction fees for damages. The developers also reported that they are ready to pay 10% of the stolen amount to the hacker if he returns the stolen funds.

Over the past year, this is the second hacker attack on Cream Finance, which led to multimillion-dollar losses. In February, criminals took advantage of a vulnerability in the Alpha Finance smart contract and stole $37.5 million worth of cryptocurrency.

Cream Finance is a peer-to-peer lending platform that was developed on the Compound Finance fork.

In August, the largest hacker attack in the field of DeFi was committed. The Poly Network project was hacked, from which more than $611 million was stolen. Later, the hacker returned all the stolen funds.

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