Avalanche rose to the top 10 in terms of cryptocurrency capitalization, the Central Bank proposed to introduce responsibility for the illegal turnover of digital assets, the Bread token rose by 500% overnight and other news of the past working week

The world’s first cryptocurrency city “Bitcoin City” will be built in El Salvador

The country’s authorities plan to build a city dedicated to the first cryptocurrency. Its residents will be exempt from all taxes except VAT

Snowden explained the negative attitude towards “meme” cryptocurrencies

The ex-CIA officer is concerned about the fact that people perceive comic tokens as investment assets

The Central Bank proposed to introduce responsibility for the illegal circulation of digital assets

The regulator also considers it necessary to establish the procedure for their taxation

Avalanche has risen to the top 10 in terms of cryptocurrency capitalization

Altcoin updated the historical maximum value, reaching $ 144, and its market valuation approached $ 30 billion

Crypto Investor Bought Shiba Inu Tokens for $36.8 million

An unknown person purchased 850 billion “meme” tokens at a price twice lower than the historical maximum, which was set at the end of October

The Sandbox token rate has increased by 600% in a month

On November 23, the altcoin price set a historical high above $5.6

Institutional investors have invested $43 million in Solana over the past month

Interest in altcoin continues to grow despite the correction in the cryptocurrency market

In the bitcoin network, $853 million was transferred with a commission of less than $1

The cryptocurrency was transferred between unknown wallets. It was fixed by a bot that tracks large transactions

Over 1 million Ethereum was burned in the cryptocurrency network

The largest amount of ETH was destroyed as a result of transactions on the OpenSea NFT-marketplace, transfers on the altcoin network and operations on the Uniswap V2 crypto exchange

The Bread token went up by 500 overnight%

The cost of the altcoin exceeded $1 after its developer was acquired by the first ever public crypto exchange Coinbase

Hillary Clinton called for strict regulation of cryptocurrencies

The former US Secretary of State is confident that stricter rules for the circulation of digital assets will be able to protect the US dollar from technological manipulation by Russia and China

The Central Bank estimated the volume of transactions of Russians with cryptocurrencies at $ 5 billion per year

The regulator called the widespread use of cryptocurrencies and the growth of transactions with them a threat to the Russian financial market

The most popular cryptocurrencies among Russian social media users have been named

Bitcoin took the first place in the rating, and Dogecoin did not enter the top five digital assets in terms of the frequency of mentions in social media

The rate of the UFO Gaming token has grown more than 100 times in four months

On November 25, altcoin updated the historical maximum above $0.0000556. Since the end of July, the cryptocurrency has risen in price by 10,900%

Bitcoin has fallen in price by 5% in a day — to a minimum since mid-October

The decrease in the value of the asset may be due to the expiration of options and the statement of the Central Bank of China

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