The ParaSwap exchange distributed its own tokens for $ 270 million for free, the head of Binance declared his readiness to donate 99% of his fortune, the crypto investor bought Shiba Inu for $ 8.3 million and other news of the past working week

The Central Bank named the conditions for the introduction of the digital ruble into the Russian economy

According to the head of the regulator Elvira Nabiullina, testing of the pilot project of the national digital currency may take more than a year

Taproot Update: how has the bitcoin network changed and what will happen next

Why did the exchange rate of the first cryptocurrency practically not react to the largest network update in four years and what to expect from the coin in the near future

ParaSwap exchange distributed its own tokens for $270 million for free

The first 20 thousand users of the trading platform received PSP for an average of $13.5 thousand.

The popularity of NFT in the Google search engine has reached a record level

Users of the service are interested in non-interchangeable tokens more than in the sphere of decentralized finance (DeFi), Ethereum, Dogecoin and blockchain

The US has Introduced New reporting rules for crypto brokers and operators

After Joe Biden signs the law on financing infrastructure projects, organizations working with digital assets must notify the tax service of transactions worth more than $ 10 thousand.

The bitcoin exchange rate has dropped to $58.5 thousand for the first time since the end of October.

As a result of the collapse of the crypto market quotes, traders lost more than $ 808 million due to the mass liquidation of positions. The largest loss per transaction occurred on the Binance crypto exchange paired with Litecoin and amounted to $ 10.37 million

Miramax sued Tarantino for releasing NFT on “Pulp Fiction”

Representatives of the film company claim that the director violates copyrights and is trying to capitalize on the popularity of non-interchangeable tokens

Crypto Investor Bought Shiba Inu Tokens for $8.3 million

An unknown person purchased 171 billion “meme” digital coins. Transactions were noticed by the WhaleStats service

The head of Binance announced his willingness to donate 99% of his fortune

Changpeng Zhao said that he owns bitcoins, which were bought in 2014, and Binance Coin tokens. Forbes estimates his fortune at $1.9 billion

Scammers have started creating fake cryptocurrencies to deceive Russians

The attackers offer to invest in a new digital asset, attach a link to the payment, and then stop contacting

The crypto investor earned about $9 million on the “meme” token Saitama Inu

One of the first altcoin holders sold his stocks after six months of storage and recorded 110,000% profit. Against this background, the asset rate has tripled

The bitcoin exchange rate has updated a three-week low

The price of the first cryptocurrency dropped below $57.6 thousand for the first time since October 28. During the day, the asset fell in price by 2%

The bitcoin exchange rate fell by 6 per day%

Over the past nine days, the value of the first cryptocurrency has decreased by $ 14 thousand. Last week, the asset reached a price maximum of $69 thousand.

Traders lost almost $700 million amid the fall of the crypto market

Over the past day, margin positions of 172 thousand traders were forcibly liquidated. This happened while the bitcoin exchange rate was falling to a monthly low of $55 thousand.

The number of Shiba Inu holders decreased for the first time in a month

On November 16, the number of crypto investors owning a “meme” token decreased by 2.4% to 968.8 thousand.

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