The number of sites offering fake QR codes is doubling daily and will grow even faster, cybersecurity experts are sure. Today, 95% of QR codes on the black market are garbage, experts warn
Strengthening control over the availability of QR codes will be a “trigger” for the black market, Ashot Oganesyan, founder of the DLBI data leak intelligence and monitoring service, is sure. According to him, already now the number of sites and channels offering to buy QR codes is increasing by one or two per day, and if QR codes are checked in stores and on transport, their number will grow in arithmetic progression. Pyotr Kutsenko, head of the Solar WebProxy direction of Rostelecom-Solar, and Fyodor Dbar, Commercial Director of the Security Code company, agree that we should expect an increase in sales of fake QR codes.

On Thursday, October 11, it became known that the government has developed two bills that will determine the procedure for introducing QR codes in Russia confirming immunity to coronavirus infection when visiting public places, traveling by train and flying by plane.

The telegram channel “Nezygar” gave estimates: databases for 30 thousand, 270 thousand and 680 thousand lines of personal data were put up for sale on the black market. At the disposal of the scammers were the full name, addresses, phone numbers, passports, MHI policies and SNILS who bought fake certificates. Such ads do exist, Infosecurity CEO Kirill Solodovnikov confirmed to RBC. According to him, “it is foolish to expect that representatives of crime will be attentive to someone’s personal data.” Moreover, those who have purchased a fake certificate can be blackmailed by contacting law enforcement agencies or impose another service on them, for example, certificate renewal, etc.

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