Aayush Jindal claims that the altcoin price may decrease to $4.25 thousand as part of a short-term correction, but after that the coin will return to updating historical highs

In the near future, Ethereum is able to continue growing and rise in price to $ 5 thousand. This forecast was given by NewsBTC analyst Aayush Jindal. According to him, altcoin overcame the key downtrend at $4.3 thousand, which opens the way for the coin to update historical highs. On November 3, Ethereum set a new historical high at $4.63 thousand.

According to Jindal, serious support for altcoin was formed at the levels of $4.5 thousand, $4.4 thousand and $4.25 thousand. As part of a short-term correction, the price of Ethereum may decline to these levels, but later it will return to growth, the analyst is sure.

At 18:25 on November 3, altcoin is trading at $ 4.5 thousand. During the month, the price of altcoin increased by 31%, and the capitalization increased to $ 530 billion, according to CoinGecko.

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